Couples therapy

Do you feel that since baby has come along you have become distant from one another, you are arguing more, talking less, maybe feeling aggrieved about how much you are doing?

Having children can often place a lot of strain on your relationship, as the attention you were able to give to each other is now needed for your baby. Couples therapy can help you to improve your communication with one another, to better understand and feel better understood by your partner.

This will help you navigate the transition to parenthood, becoming not just a couple, but parenting partners to your child.

To learn more about Couples Therapy

The <span class="italic">importance</span> of <span class="large italic">Fathers</span>

The importance of Fathers

For many years, Psychologists have known how important fathers are to their children and society is very slowly catching up. For a child to have a good relationship with their daddy means so much…
The <span class="bold">impact</span> of baby on your <span class="large">relationship</span> with your partner

The impact of baby on your relationship with your partner

There is so much you may miss when baby comes along and there is often a real sense of grief at the life you have lost…
Why do I find it <span class="italic">so hard</span> to ask for <span class="large">help?</span>

Why do I find it so hard to ask for help?

Asking for help means admitting both to yourself and to other people that you cannot do this alone. It might be that growing up, you learnt to hide your vulnerability…

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